Prototypes and New Designs

Tell us what you need! With our experience and knowledge, Astro-Tech can define the requirements that fit your described needs. We will step you through the process and ask the necessary questions that takes the product from being conceptual to a hard finished product. 

Production Runs

We are capable of short and long production runs. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly schedules can be arranged.

Custom Machining
At Astro-Tech we use our knowledge of the working properties of metals and our skill with machine tools to plan and carry out the operations needed to make machined products that meet precise specifications. For parts that require complex operations and great precision we use computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines and CAD/CAM systems.

The technology of machining is changing rapidly, Astro-Tech operates a wide range of machines & tools. We understand the unique cutting properties of each machine & tool to ensure the proper technique is applied.

  • Consistency, quality, accuracy and cost savings:

    These are among the advantages of CNC machining. Astro-Tech offers parts that can be made to the most exacting specifications. From one to ten thousand parts, each one is the same as the next, machined to Astro-Tech's standards of quality.